Ariostea MHS

Our timeline

The 1950s

Ariostea was founded as a manufacturer of machinery for the food industry. The main product is pasta dryers, made of wood. The company's interest will shift over the years to agricultural machinery.

The 1960s

A collaboration with a leading Italian company in the production of extruders begins. It is the first step towards the plastics sector.

The 1990s

Ariostea is acquired by Royal Group Technologies in Toronto – the world's leading producer of PVC extrusions.


The company leaves the Canadian group and is taken over by a group of Italian partners.


Ariostea becomes Ariostea MHS


We bring the Ariostea MHS know-how around the world. We invest in technology and people to export our Made-in-Italy values.


Together in crucial moments

When you enter the world of industrial production, you need a system to store the raw material and bring it to your own system.

When you want to expand production, you need an efficient way to feed new lines.

Ariostea MHS is much more than a supplier, we are the partner that helps you achieve your goals.
Together we will find the ideal solution for your system and your production.


Between the raw material and your product

We create 100% personalised, simple and sustainable material management solutions – to make production processes efficient.

People are at the heart our success.
We constantly invest in the research and training of highly qualified personnel.

In a sector driven by economic performance, we are both a flexible partner and a staple for the industry.

We are Ariostea MHS

We guide the Company towards a grand goal: to bring our Made-in-Italy industrial know-how to the world.

We always start out aiming for excellence for our raw material management systems – from storage, to software, up to the completion of a production system.

We get there together with the right people, who believe in our project and are committed to give added value daily.


We are a historic company.

We are able to make use of extensive know-how built over 70 years of activity in the raw materials management sector.

Our production is
Made in Italy.

This means quality materials, optimised processes and high-level personnel.

We do not have a catalogue: each project is customised.

We guarantee maximum customisation and care – right from the study of the project according to need, to the technical drawing, through to acceptance.

We support you throughout the enitre process:

from construction, to delivery, to machine programming.

We create all the parts of our products internally: from the software to the finished system.

That is why you can count on excellent service in all aspects.

We offer a free support service, active from Monday to Friday:

The test personnel will guide you by phone or remotely connect to your software to solve the critical issue. And if that doesn't do the job, we'll come and see you in person.

We train operators for the correct and safe use of machinery.

This reduces machine downtime and malfunctions related to human error.

Here's what we can do for you

Whether you need a grain storage system in the middle of the desert or a PET recycling plant in a cold, harsh environment, you can count on us because we have already done it.