Our service machinery for industrial production

We create storage and management systems to make raw material available and easily transportable to production lines.

We offer versatile solutions, aimed at both companies and production facilities and large distributors of raw materials.  Each system is perfectly integrated with our process machinery.

Storage silos

Mixing silos

Delivery silos


Each storage solution includes everything it needs for operation:

Monolithic silos

Classic storage systems, in STAINLESS steel, GALVANISED or ALUMINIUM, built at our headquarters and shipped directly from you, ready to be positioned.

A versatile solution, suitable for daily production storage but also for large distributors of raw materials.

Spiral silos

Storage systems based on SW technology, optimised by Ariostea MHS over the last 15 years. An ideal solution for large capacity silos (from 60 to 10,000 m3) or large groups of silos.

We build the silo directly on your construction site, in a short time and at competitive prices. This means less transport costs and fewer logistical problems in delivery.

How it works

  • We ship the raw material to the construction site: STAINLESS steel, GALVANISED (SENZIMIR) or ALUMINIUM sheet metal coils.
  • We ship the Ariostea MHS machinery that will build the silo, in a highly equipped 40-foot container.
  • Our personnel go to the site and prepare the machinery to erect the silo in the desired position.
  • An operator starts the construction sequence: the sheet metal coil is continuously unwound, roto-formed, calendered and welded.
  • The roofis created.
  • The silo takes shape until it is completed, in a surprisingly short time.

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Here's what we can do for you

Whether you need a grain storage system in the middle of the desert or a large battery of silos anywhere in the world, you can count on us because we have already done it.